Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Panther Success Stories

Yesterday we signed up a family of 4 and saved them over $200 a month on their wireless bill. What did the family decide to do with the extra $2400 a year savings? Spend it on a GREAT vacation for the family.
We here at Panther Mobile have so many great stories just like this one. We've inviting you to share you success story with us. If you are a customer with us, how much money do you save by using Panther Mobile? If you are a distributor with us, what are your success stories? Please let us know your story by clicking on the "Comment" button below and sharing with us! Have a GREAT DAY! Your Panther Mobile Support Team

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do you have a Cellphone? Cut your Cellphone Bill BIG TIME?

Panther Mobile - New Compensation Plan Unveiled

Panther Mobile's New Compensation Plan was unveiled this past Saturday July 31, 2010....Wow!! Unlimited possibilities to earn a living!!
The best telecom MLM is here to stay and we're just getting started! Check us out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

(All calls are listed on Eastern Time Zone - adjust for your timezone) Monday July 12th -3pm Call - Member's Forum - Signing up Customers/Distributors and getting into the "Members Lounge" and Customer backoffice 9pm Call - Business Opportunity Meeting - bring a guest to hear about the opportunity we have here at Panther Mobile. Tuesday July 13th - 3pm Call - Business Opportunity Meeting - bring a guest to hear about the opportunity we have here at Panther Mobile. 9pm Call - New Products and Services - TrueCall Phones and Wireless Services, SIM cards Wednesday July 14th - 3pm Call - Team Building Information 9pm Call - Business Opportunity Meeting - bring a guest to hear about the opportunity we have here at Panther Mobile. Thursday July 15th - 3pm Call - Business Opportunity Meeting - bring a guest to hear abut the opportunity we have here at Panther Mobile. 9pm Call - Guest Speaker Night Friday July 16th - 3pm Call - How To's - Porting forms and activations 9pm Call - Wrapping up the week with Harry and Kate Conference Schedule for this week is Monday thru Friday 3pm EST and 9 pm EST. The conference line: 712-432-0075 Conference ID: 257746# The Webinar: The good news is we will be recording some of these sessions and putting them in your "Member's Lounge". Look for the menu item "Training Calls/Videos"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Corporate Information

The Panther Mobile Communicator - June 8, 2010 The Panther Mobile Support Team would like to tell you all about the new developments here at Corporate. Wonderful positive changes are about to happen! Here are some of the positive changes: As of June 1, 2010 Panther Mobile, Inc. is a Nevada based S-Corporation and holds a Nevada state business license. The officers of Panther Mobile, Inc. has changed as well. Harry Aston is the CEO. Our official office is in Las Vegas and fulfillment will no longer be handled out of the Bradenton, Florida area. Distribution channels are strategically located in the U.S. to expedite fulfillment of SIM cards, phones orders and accessories. Our Phone lines are changing as we go live later this week with our 6 person support staff. Our new phone number is (702) 997-8484. Our phone lines will be open Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. Our "Online Chat" is available with our support staff which is also available Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST and some evening and weekend hours can be expected. PLEASE go to and click on the "Online Chat" button prior to calling the phone lines. We need your help to process all inquires quickly so we ask that you use our "Online Chat" FIRST! The Knowledge Base is also available with the most asked questions from the "Online Chat". You can access it by clicking on the "Online Chat" and looking in the bottom right hand corner of the pop-up. A Reactivator video is being developed to show you step-by-step instructions on how to reactivate your phones. Our website: is still available for you to reactivate your phones 24 hours a day. The revised June 1st Compensation plan will be on the website and will reflect the changes soon. The new power point presentation is presented twice daily on our webcast at See the box to the upper left for the conference call and schedule. Panther Mobile Webinar/Conference Call Schedule Monday - Friday 3pm and 9pm Eastern Webinar: Conference Bridge: 712-432-0075 Conference ID: 257746# New product announcements to be released shortly. More details about positive changes in Panther Mobile will be forthcoming. Sincerely, Panther Mobile Support Team

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The New Compensation Plan is Here!

Welcome to the NEW
Panther Mobile Communicator!
We are so excited to have a new blog that tells the story of Panther Mobile. Today we were able to finally finish up the Power Point Presentation that we have been promising along with a PDF document for you to understand the new compensation plan. It will be posted up in the back office and on the main website under "Compensation".
This will put more money back into your pockets as we want to make sure that you understand it too. So get on the conference calls listed below and let's start showing people how they can "MAKE MONEY AND SAVE MONEY" with Panther Mobile. Talk soon...
Panther Mobile Support Team
Conference Call Schedule:
Monday - Friday 3PM and 9PM Eastern time
Conference Number: 712-432-0075
Conference ID: 257746#