Thursday, June 3, 2010

The New Compensation Plan is Here!

Welcome to the NEW
Panther Mobile Communicator!
We are so excited to have a new blog that tells the story of Panther Mobile. Today we were able to finally finish up the Power Point Presentation that we have been promising along with a PDF document for you to understand the new compensation plan. It will be posted up in the back office and on the main website under "Compensation".
This will put more money back into your pockets as we want to make sure that you understand it too. So get on the conference calls listed below and let's start showing people how they can "MAKE MONEY AND SAVE MONEY" with Panther Mobile. Talk soon...
Panther Mobile Support Team
Conference Call Schedule:
Monday - Friday 3PM and 9PM Eastern time
Conference Number: 712-432-0075
Conference ID: 257746#


Gary & Viktoria Affron said...

Greetings Folks!

We're happy to be here and have you visiting Panther Mobiles NEW Blog and information site!

If you haven't found that ONE right thing to do and enjoy doing ...look NO MORE!

We invite you and strongly encourage you to come on over to Panther Mobile and join a family and team of professionals!

Here You WILL Find:

+ Great Honest, Ethical and Friendly
+ A Super Highway of Information and Telcom
+ A Pay Plan That IS Life Enhancing,
+ ALL the Marketing and SEO Tools You'll
Ever Need,
+ People Who Support You,
LISTEN to Your
Needs and Highly Encourage Your
Participation in Building a Great Company!

It simply doesn't get any better than this ...there's a ton of opportunity waiting for YOU here @ Panther Mobile.

Here @ Panther Mobile, WE HAVE quality people with the best Principles and Character, genuinely caring about YOU and helping you to succeed daily!

If you have questions or just want to acqaint yourself with what we're doing here @ Panther Mobile all means feel free to call us @ 386-438-8056.

We're ready to give you the support and assistance you need to make an informed decision and see to it that YOU are placed on a great team of professionals YOU CHOOSE to work beside you, with you and looking out for YOU!

Richard Miller said...

Panther Mobile, the right company at the right time!

HI, I have been in the network marketing industry off an on for about six years. I was an agent for a travel agency, and also a health and wellness product. I had some success but never like this. I never had referrals until now. Panther Mobile is the right company doing all the right things.

If you are looking for a company that has integrity, great customer support, and fantastic products and service, you have come to the right place. Contact me by email, or call me at 931-279-3797 and I will get back with you as soon as possible.