Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Panther Success Stories

Yesterday we signed up a family of 4 and saved them over $200 a month on their wireless bill. What did the family decide to do with the extra $2400 a year savings? Spend it on a GREAT vacation for the family.
We here at Panther Mobile have so many great stories just like this one. We've inviting you to share you success story with us. If you are a customer with us, how much money do you save by using Panther Mobile? If you are a distributor with us, what are your success stories? Please let us know your story by clicking on the "Comment" button below and sharing with us! Have a GREAT DAY! Your Panther Mobile Support Team

3 comments: said...

Wow! I love hearing such great stories as these. Helping people to save money and who wouldn't in today's economy! I've been with Panther Mobile and saving money all this year and couldn't be happier. Thanks Panther Mobile for your great customer support staff.

Panther said...

Stories just like this are being told by others nationwide. Check back here because it is about to get better and more fun then ever to build a panther business online.

Anonymous said...

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